​Television, Other Devices, and Eyesight

May 27th 2017

We have all heard the old warning: “Don’t sit too close to the television. You’ll hurt your eyes!” Sometimes we were even warned that we could go blind. Fortunately, there is no substantial evidence … read more

​Eyeglasses and Aging

May 12th 2017

Growing older is part of life. There are disadvantages—like weakening bodies—and benefits—like greater wisdom and confidence. Of the many things that come with age, changing eyesight is one that sho … read more

Computer Reading Glasses

Apr 18th 2017

There comes a time for most people when they need glasses. They may not need them all day, every day, just when reading. Now, however, many people spend a lot of time reading a screen, and that’s a … read more

Experiment with Bold Frames in 2017

Apr 4th 2017

All fashion trends change; sometimes it seems as though they do so each minute. A few reappear from time to time, and even fewer last through the ages. Trends in 2017 are no different. It seems, howev … read more

The Need for Sunglasses

Mar 22nd 2017

Sunglasses are a common fashion accessory. They come in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and styles to suit all looks. They can be prescription lenses, or not, or your prescription eyeglasses can b … read more