​What is Causing Your Bad Night Vision?

May 21st 2018

Even a person with seemingly great vision during the day, or when there is plenty of light, can struggle at night. If you have found yourself squinting to see in fainter light, you might ha … read more

​Getting Your Eyeglasses Clean

Apr 24th 2018

Getting your eyeglasses clean isn’t always easy. Anyone who has owned glasses knows those frustrating moments when you remove one smudge only to see a new one appear. People have resorted to us … read more

The Making of Eyeglass Lenses

Apr 17th 2018

When you think of eyeglasses, it is natural for your first thought to be that they’re made of glass. After all, it’s in the name. They are often not, however. Even some early forms of eye protectio … read more

​Why Buy Glasses Online?

Mar 23rd 2018

Shopping online has become the way to buy just about everything, now. Of course, there are still some things we prefer to buy in person. Some things we need to try on, like glasses. Not only do … read more

​The Importance of Resting Your Eyes

Mar 10th 2018

Your eye work hard for you every day. From the moment you wake, your eyes begin their job of getting you through the day. We are so used to having our sight that we often take it for grant … read more